Who We Are.


It’s so lovely to meet you! My name is Sarah Rogalsky, and I founded Canadian Camper & Co.

Ever since I was young, I was very keen on starting up my own business that could help bring joy to people through the small things; I probably drove my family crazy with the number of pretend stores, restaurants, kids’ camps, and museums that I would set up for my family to go through!

I worked the dream and graduated in 2019 from the Business Administration program at Red River College with a major in marketing. As I was graduating, Covid-19 was in full swing, and it was evident that Winnipeggers desperately needed some stress-free, close to home, easy fun! And boom! Canadiana Camper & Co. was born! I have roped in my fantastic family along the way, and with their help, Camper & Co. is what it is. Since then, it has been our focus to help people enjoy the big and small moments in life, spending intentional time with the people they love. It has been so extraordinary to be a part of these moments and to bring smiles to people’s faces while creating memories that hopefully last a lifetime.

Fast forward to 2024 I am now married and me and my husband Derrick are working together to make camping accessible to everyone! 

What We Do.

Let us turn your backyard or home into a haven for quality time with loved ones!

Picture this: You pick the date, share a bit about your gathering—whether it's a cozy family night, a milestone anniversary, a lively birthday bash, an intimate dinner party, or a bridal shower with a twist—and we'll work closely with you to make it an experience to cherish. No stress on your part!

Camper & Co. takes care of everything. From setup, which breezes through in approx. 45 minutes, to teardowns that wrap up in typicially 30 minutes, we've got it covered. So, you can relax, enjoy, and savor every moment, knowing we're dedicated to making your occasion special and stress-free!